February 20, 2014

CivicPage Launches Zone Hartford Community Outreach Website

PIXL Group’s client, CivicPage, has just launched a new community outreach site for the City of Hartford Connecticut. PIXL Group has helped CivicPage build a platform for community outreach. This platform enables community organizations, municipalities, planning consulting firms, and non-profits to launch fully-featured outreach websites with just a few clicks. The Zone Hartford Website¬†features geographic idea submissions with streetview capabilities, voting and comments, image preference polls, and more. The platform also features a robust management system so clients can screen comments for their specific audience, add content via a simple management system, manage users, and create detailed reports on user activity. The CivicPage platform is ideal for urban planning firms and planning agencies, who typically run major outreach initiatives for each planning project they undertake.

Take a look at the new Zone Hartford Website or learn more about CivicPage. PIXL Group is proud to be a part of this exciting project!

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