The 30 Day MVP

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Overview of the Process

  • PIXL Group is a lean startup company, and we always recommend a strong customer development process before building out a product. During this phase we will identify your core business assumptions, value proposition, and actualy talk to your potential customers to learn whether your business idea is something people will pay for. We will deliver a lean canvas and a report that outlines what we learned and how that will impact the development process.
  • Now that we have a pretty good idea about what it is people want, we move on to building the product. This build process starts with a design phase with site map, wireframes, and design mockups. Following design sign off we move into the build phase where we put the things we learned the previous week into a functional application.
  • Now we have an MVP and it’s time to get it in front of the people who matter: the customer. We will conduct follow-up interviews with our customers from phase one to learn where we hit the mark and where we fell short. During this phase we will collect data on things like usability, value, and bugs.
  • We started with a product concept. We interviewed customers and analyzed the viability of a business based off of that concept. We designed and built a functioning minimum viable product. Finally we got that product back in front of those customers and learned how it worked. Our last step is to give you a report that outlines what we learned and what our next step recommendations would be. We might recommend, for example, a more extensive customer development process, or maybe investor pitches.



Customer Interviews

All of our lean-based projects include a series of customer interviews that help us define the solution at the beginning and then test what we did at the end. The 30 Day MVP includes two sets of customer interviews with 8 total interviews. We recommend more, but our goal is to give you the tools to do this work on your own. After all, it’s your business and keeping a finger on the pulse of your customers is arguably the most important job you have.


Digital Reports

We provide two major reports as part of our 30 Day MVP process. The first report is the result of the customer development process undertaken at the start of the project. The second report will provide you with a summary of what we learned after building the product and talking to your customers. These reports are designed to facilitate a seamless handoff of your product.



The goal of the 30 day MVP project is to provide a fully functional digital product that you can use to rally early adopters, learn more about customers, test assumptions, and get the interest of investors, partners, and the public. The end result of this process is very rarely a complete and polished product, but you can use your MVP to get the resources together to take your business to the next level!



The 30 Day MVP is a tightly controlled machine. From the beginning our process includes a series of clearly defined sign-offs so that we can move forward quickly and efficiently while making sure we implement your vision to the best of our ability. The less time we spend re-working, the more time we can spend building great things.